Worship at Home

The COVID 19 outbreak has casued significant disruption to our worshipping life as a parish. This means we will need to reimagine the shape of our worship for a season. To offer ongoing worship and spiritual support, we produced a series of short videos which will be available here, and on our Facebook Page. Most recently, we have been pointing towards the Church of England online services.

If public worship is suspended, then we will meet on Zoom on a Sunday Morning, this helps us to retain some sense of us being able to share in Fellowship together. For those who find Zooom difficult to use, they can watch the posted videos or read the reflection.

Epiphany Service

Our All-In Servce for January is happening on Zoom and will include a craft using the Magi's Star Chart. You can download it here.


Crib Service

Our crib service this year will be available as a video to watch, and we will gather on Zoom at 4pm to join together in sharing this service. It's supported by a craft, a crib scene which you can download print out and colour in. If you can print it on card, that would be great, or maybe stick it to a cereal box or online shopping box! We'll put the figures into the stable during the service - you might want to glue them in, they have a tendancy to be blown over!

The video will appear on our video page for Christmas Eve.

Worship Videos
A link to worship videos for Barrow Church

Weekday Worship
A short service to use every day

Our most recent reflection

Funerals during Covid-19 Outbreak
Information to support those attending funerals during the Corona Virus outbreak